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Akshay & I have been looking to invest in a new home for ourselves and we’ve been exploring the market for a while now. We fall under the category of “First Time Home Buyers” and that qualifies us as being “inexperienced” as well. Surely, we have our close friends and family, guiding us every step of the way and providing us with all the support we need. Needless to say, searching for a space to call your home isn’t an easy task – it’s a transformation process. It is one that requires a great deal of time, thought, and effort. There are sooo many factors to take into consideration; some that we are certain of and others that we keep adding to our list as they come. 

During our hunt, we discovered a NEW project led by Daniels – The Wesley Tower! This 43-storey residence is situated in the hustling and bustling community of Mississauga’s City Centre. I literally called Akshay the minute I learned about this space and told him that we may have found ourselves a potential home! Let me tell you exactly why this is.


As for most, ‘location’ has been a KEY factor for us while searching for our ideal home. We (mostly myself) want to be well connected with all modes of transportation (mainly public transport) that is easily accessible; making life easy for people like myself who aren’t too comfortable driving. Having easy access to public transportation is extremely important for me and the type of lifestyle I lead. I like to be able to get around town, run my errands, grab a coffee on the run, meet a friend for brunch, etc., without having to catch a ride with Akshay or constantly having to call an Uber. In addition, it’s important for us to be located in an area that has easy access to public transportation because Akshay and I LOVE hosting Friday night dinners or Sunday brunches and many of our friends don’t drive. Therefore, it would be absolutely crucial to have the convenience of public transportation - there is no way we’d put an end to our social gatherings!

Transportation in terms of work isn’t too big of a concern for Akshay and I as we hunt for a home, as we are both freelancers and work mainly from our home office. That being said, the Wesley Tower has easy access to public transportation, whether you need to get to work or go bonkers hosting dinners/ brunches the way I we do! To be very precise, The Wesley Tower provides easy access to both Mississauga as well as GO Transit, the QEW, and Highways 401, 403 and 407 (If you’re running majorly late for that morning meeting)!

Also, in terms of accessibility, The Wesley Tower is minutes away from the Playdium for a fun filled day, Cineplex Odeon if you’re in the mood for a movie, Celebration Square if you wish to attend a community event, Sheridan College if you’re thinking of taking on a night class, Square One Mall to fulfill all your shopping desires, and MORE.


After we’ve got the location down, the next thing that instantly comes to mind is ‘space’ – in the physical and literal sense. What are our options in terms of space + budget ratio? The obvious feeling is always to get the maximum space for the minimum dollar; and I think it’s safe to say that this feeling is natural and comes to all homebuyers. Space is necessary not only because one desires a large living space, but is necessary because feeling ‘crammed’ or ‘stuck’ isn’t a pleasant feeling – especially not in your own home. And with Daniels Wesley Tower, there are various space + budget ratio options; starting with The Shoreline (2 Bedroom Suite) at 778 square feet (suite area), The Silverthorn (2 Bedroom Suite) at 859 square feet (suite area), The Paisley (2 Bedroom + Den Suite) at 859 square feet (suite area), The Wildgrass (2 Bedroom + Den Suite) at 859 square feet (suite area), The Cashmere (3 Bedroom Suite) at 996 square feet (suite area), and The Trident (3 Bedroom Suite) at 996 square feet (suite area). This provides every buyer to choose an option that easily fits his/ her lifestyle and budget.


What I’m about to share with you now is something that truly touched my heart; something that made me pause for a moment and smile. Often, we get so caught up in our own lives, focusing on all the things that we need or want that we forget to think about the needs of others. Daniel’s has gracefully incorporated the needs of those who require ‘Alternate Living Conditions’. If you are someone or have someone in your family that requires ‘Alternate Living Conditions’, Daniel’s provides an ‘Accessibility Designed Program’ wherein living conditions are altered to provide easier mobility. All the required modifications have been well thought out by Daniel’s to meet the needs of those individuals who use mobility devices.

Apart from one’s private space, The Wesley Tower offers multiple shared public areas within its premises. From Club W – The Fit Zone, Lil’ Wes – Kids’ Zone, Club W – Co-Working Zone, to The 7th Floor Garden - something to fit every individuals need. A feature that I instantly fell in love with is The 7th Floor Garden. This space allows all residents to come together as a family and grow flowers, fruits, herbs, or anything their heart desires. I can’t even begin to list the numerous benefits of this garden but here are few that instantly come to mind:

  • Improving air quality (plants are so kind as to soak in all the CO2 and breathe out all the O2 for us).
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits by consuming fruits/ veggies from The 7th Floor Garden.
  • Building a strong sense of community amongst all residents.
  • And MORE!
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There are so many other features and benefits of living in Daniels City Center community and I couldn’t possibly list them all! The best way to learn everything there is to learn about The Wesley Tower and Daniels City Center community, is by heading over to their sales office located at 368 Prince of Wales Drive, Mississauga or on their webpage at www.danielsfamilyliving.com.

Disclosure: I have participated in a paid partnership with Daniels. Opinions in this post are my own.
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