The REAL Juhi Sharma

Single or Double
No, I wasn’t referring to how many espresso shots I

like in my lattes. I’m ‘double’ a.k.a EXTREMELY
Happily Married!

The Sushi Syndrome
I have a serious condition called ‘The Sushi
’. Yes, ladies and gents, this is a REAL

condition and can only be cured with UNLIMITED

One Shade of Grey
White isn’t really a colour, in technical terms, it is a

shade’. Colour or Shade, I love White!

Did someone say movie night?
Obviously, I’ll be watching ‘Sex & The City II’ and

pretending to be Sarah Jessica Parker - she will forever
be my lady crush.

Cinderella Slipper
Every girl has what I call a ‘Cinderella Slipper’, mine

is the Hangisi Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik in every
single colour!

Life on a plate
There is nothing more comforting than a plate filled

with steamy aromatic RAJMA CHAVAL.

 Dream Destination
Strolling in a Moroccan Souk on a warm and sunny

day, binge buying spices and trinkets.

Life without Lipstick
There is no such thing. I run on chocolate, tea &


Floral Life
Love flowers of all kind. (As long as they’re Fluffy,

Pink & end in “EONY”). PEONY.

Indian by birth. Global citizen at heart.

Juhi Sharma
Juhi Sharma

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