Horseback Riding at Kanatha-Aki 

Let me just begin by saying that I was EXTREMELY nervous to get on a horse! The last time I got on a horse was at the age of 3 and the thought of getting on one years later, was slightly nerve wrecking. All those nerves were almost instantly calmed when I met Leane, whose family is the proud owner + care taker of Kanatha-Aki. 

For a little back-story, all the horses at Kanatha-Aki have been rescued from an auction of unwanted horses. Just knowing this allows you to understand the environment that has been created at Kanatha-Aki. Leane personally cares for, nurtures and trains all the horses. It is vividly apparent that Leane (and her family) has put in an immense amount of time and energy into nurturing and training her horses because they are so friendly! Just meeting and befriending her horses calmed all my nerves. Tough Love (the female horse) was my favourite! If you met Tough Love, you’d understand; her beauty and her energy is insanely mesmerizing. 

I didn’t get to ride Tough Love, but I did get the opportunity to ride Colours! Colours is a black beauty who will steal your heart and he’s quite the charmer. Colours senses human emotions well (as do most horses), so it’s important to remain calm, be happy, and stay positive and strong!

Sorry for my shpeel, but the last bit I want to put out there is that Kanatha-Aki not only offers horseback riding, but also offers other adventures like zip lining, dog sledding (in the winter), fishing, etc.; be sure to plan an activity of your choice with them because you’ll honestly enjoy your time. 


Helicopter Tour with Heli-Tremblant 

I love flying. I ALWAYS have. I know what you’re thinking, this girl says ‘always’ a little too ‘always’, but I’m serious when I say, I love flying! I began flying propeller planes (with a flight instructor of course) at the age of 12. I’d go up in the air at least once a month if not more and this little affair continued till I turned 17. Mind you, this didn’t include all the trips I took on commercial planes. As I grew older, and especially these past 3 years, travel has been at it’s peak! So you see, I honestly do love to fly! 

This was my second time flying in a helicopter and I had so much fun! Sharing the sky with the clouds and the birds, observing our planet (and beautiful Mon Tremblant) from an entirely new perspective really made the hair on my skin stand. The view that Mont Tremblant offered from above was so surreal. The fall foliage was just MAGNIFICENT. 

I highly recommend treating yourself to this tour with Heli-Tremblant! It’s fun, it’s beautiful and it’s extremely safe (my pilot provided with a super smooth takeoff and landing)!


Walking through the Woods in Mont Tremblant

Not to be cliché, but sometimes it really is nice to just surround yourself with nature and give yourself the opportunity to become one with it. A walk in the woods can be so soothing; in fact you may feel like your body has been recharged! It’s nice to take a few minutes (if not longer) away from the busy and touristy areas and allow yourself to witness wilderness beauty. 

I’m sorry I can’t pin point the exact location of this woodsy area, but I’m sure you’ll spot it if you’re driving around Tremblant. 


Exploring Tremblant Village + Panoramic Gondola

LITERALLY my FAVOURITE spot in ALL of Tremblant – The Tremblant Village! I love this place! A quaint, colourful village with Parisian inspired cafés, hip pubs/ restaurants, unique boutiques to pick up little trinkets at, a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop (Oh em gee, YUM), and, so much more to discover! 

After tiring ourselves from exploring the village, Akshay and I grabbed coffee and sat on the steps in the village and took in the sights. It’s honestly my favourite way to spend time in the Tremblant Village. 


If you are someone that enjoys watching the sun go down, ride the Gondola closer to sunset. There are multiple view points once you’ve made it to the top, where you can sit and let the views blow you away! Frankly, you will be blown away on your way up because the Gondola ride offers one heck of a view! As you’re going up, you begin to realize how magnificent Mont Tremblant truly is! You begin to notice how things slowly appear a lot smaller as you view the larger picture. 

DO NOT LEAVE Mont Tremblant without experiencing the Gondola ride.  


Boat Cruise

Vacations are all about relaxing. Am I right?? Well… maybe not all the time. We’ve usually got a mental (in my care, written) list of all the things we want to do, places we want to see, cafés we want to indulge our palettes at, etc.  Before we know it, we’ve walked approximately 10K more steps than we normally would have and return to our hotel beds to crash and repeat the same steps the next day! None of that sounds relaxing, now does it? Overtime I’ve learned that it’s important to take time on your vacation to actually VACATION. 

During our time in Mont Tremblant, Akshay and I took a boat cruise; that hour was probably the most relaxing hour of our 4-day trip with endlessly stunning views! This is yet another MUST-do activity in Tremblant because it allows you the opportunity to sail through the calming waters of Lake Tremblant whilst, soaking in a 360° view of the area surrounding Lake Tremblant. This m y beautiful friends, was true RELAXATION!


Bike Riding around Mont Tremblant 

Staying at the Fairmont Tremblant comes with many perks! One of those perks is that guests can borrow bicycles from the hotel to ride around Tremblant! So, if you don’t have a car, don’t feel like driving or walking, biking is a definite option! Obviously, this little luxury can best be enjoyed in the summer months, but you could definitely enjoy it in the winter (if you’re dressed appropriately) so long as it’s not icy/ snowy. 

An added bonus is that, you’re able to squeeze in your daily work out while having fun! 


Unwind at Moment Spa

If you know me personally, you’d know that I’m fairly low maintenance. Apart from indulging in delicious dark chocolate and the occasional manicure, I don’t really go all out with spa treatments. Nonetheless, I ABSOLUTELY enjoy them! 

If you are anything like me and don’t usually treat yourself to such incredible pamper sessions, you definitely have to do so at the Moment Spa (Fairmont Tremblant). And, even if you aren’t anything like me, and treat yourself to many spa treatments, definitely experience a treatment here!

And to top it all off, some of the products used for my facial were by Valmont! Yes, you heard me right, Valmont! Also, at the end of my treatment I received a wonderful gift from Valmont that included a few products I loved during the facial! 


Hike at La Corniche Trail at Mont Tremblant National Park

Are you the hiking type? Yes? No? Maybe? You’re not sure? All of the above? Whatever your answer may be, this is one hike I highly, highly recommend! I won’t lie, it isn’t an easy peasy way up to the viewpoint, but it isn’t majorly tough either. I’d say it’s fairly easy if you’re dressed according to the weather, wearing the right kind of shoes (a KEY), properly hydrated and equipped with water for your hike up. Do not hike up the way I did; jeans aren’t exactly the comfiest piece of clothing and as amazing as Keds are, they aren’t right footwear to get you through. Also, I went up and of course came back down without water (not good), which made the hike a lot harder than it would have been.

Once you’re at the top, you’ll thank me for recommending this hike; the view that Mother Nature provides will take your breath away! Lake Monroe, the Laurentian Hills, its all a spectacle!


Cooking with Chef Dominic + Lunch at Altitude Restaurant

This experience was the highlight of my entire trip! Never did I ever dream of cooking with a chef of the caliber that Chef Dominic has – not even in my WILDEST dreams! The entire experience feels like a dream till date and I would go back in time and replay and relive that experience over and over again, if I could. 

It was truly an honour to cook alongside Chef Dominic; listening to him speak and cook with great passion, picking up on as many tricks and skills as possible, and bringing back this incredible memory! A huge shout out to The Casino Tremblant and Chef Dominic for having me - I was and still am extremely humbled.


Tonga Lumina

The Tonga Lumina is a multi-sensory light and sound show that walks you through a forest and teaches you about the teachings of the Tonga. The teachings of the Tonga are all about preservation, caring for our environment, respecting Mother Nature, etc. The entire show has been set up so fabulously; it is the perfect way to end a night in Mont Tremblant.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of all the things I did in Mont Tremblant. I also hope, you’ll make immediate plans to visit Mont Tremblant, if you haven’t already done so, and definitely try out some of these activities I’ve shared with you.


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