Rose Hot Cocoa

The Holidays bring me in a very ‘cozy-up’ kind of mood. The air is filled with a crisp chill, the streets are adorned with sparkling lights and everyone is bundled up in beautiful, scarves, hats and mitts! And there’s something about this time of the year, besides the chilly weather, that makes me want sit by the fire, grab my favourite book or watch a Christmas classic along with a hot cup of cocoa. This holiday season, I bring to you, a special twist to a classic hot chocolate; this is my version of the perfect cup of cocoa for the Holidays - Rose Hot Cocoa!



(400 ml) 2% milk (I used Golden Guernsey)
(25 g) Hot Chocolate Powder by Venchi
(6) Rose Marshmallows by Butter Baked Goods


How to make yourself a delicious cup of Rose Hot Cocoa:

Pour your milk in a pan and warm over medium heat. Once your milk has come to a lukewarm temperature, add approximately 25 g (2½ tbsp.) of Hot Chocolate Powder (I used Venchi). You may have to increase or decrease the amount of Hot Chocolate Powder, depending on the brand you’re using. Thoroughly stir the Hot Chocolate Powder with the milk and bring to a boil.

While the milk is heating:

Place your marshmallow pieces in a metal tray and slightly toast (until they’ve partially turn a glistening golden-brown) them using a blowtorch. I used Rose flavoured Marshmallows by Butter Baked Goods however, you can surely replace them with a different brand and/or flavour.


Pour your steaming Hot Chocolate in a mug, place the pieces of toasted marshmallows over top, and sip away!

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