Glossybox – Jan Edition

Happy New Year Beauties!

I’m back with my very first blog post of the year; tbh, it was supposed to come a lot sooner but, I caught the flu right before Christmas and have been coping with the leftover symptoms since. Anywhoooo, I received my very first Glossybox of the year and you can’t hear me say this but, I’m literally screaming, “OMG! This box is filled with the greatest goodies ever”! I kid you not, I feel almost as if I hand-picked all the items I’d get in this box based on my needs/ wants. I have been meaning to hit my local drugstore and Sephora to restock on certain beauty products I’ve run out of or have been wanting to try; however, the fatigue from being sick and the cold temperatures have kept me homebound for almost a month now. It’s times like these when you appreciate a beauty box subscription more than ever! 

Here’s a round up of all the goodies I received in my January Glossybox:

  1. Highlighter Palette in ‘Distorted Dreams’ by Sleek Makeup (@sleekmakeup)
  2. Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream by Avant Skincare (@avantskincare)
  3. Lemon Slice Mask by Kocostar (@kocostarusa)
  4. Zéa Facial Wipes by Zéa (@zeawipes)
  5. Daily Facial Mini Scrubber by Daily Concepts (@dailyconcepts)

Zéa Facial Wipes by Zéa 

Obviously, I’ll be starting with my absolute favourite product from this month’s box – Facial Wipes by Zéa! With all the Holiday parties I’d been attending, my use of facial wipes increased significantly – AND then I ran out.

Let me just say, I have used a variety of facial cleansing/ makeup removal wipes, from Simple to Vichy to Aveeno to Garnier and so many more! I always found my skin feeling somewhat of a burning sensation after using the wipes and I couldn’t seem to get rid of the burn no matter which brand I used. Also, I found myself wanting to rinse my face with warm water to put a stop to the irritation I experienced. Eventually, I just assumed that I have extremely sensitive skin, which resulted in experiencing such unpleasant sensations. 

When I saw these Facial Wipes by Zéa, infused with Rosehip Essential Oil, all I could think of was “Oooh, maybe these won’t cause those burning sensations”. So, even though it was a ‘stay-at-home and snuggle in my blanket’ kinda day, I decided to put on a bit of makeup just give these wipes a fair shot – and boy was it entirely worth it! Not only do these wipes smell sublimely delicious, they also cleanse and renew your face from all make-up, leaving no residue whatsoever and certainly no urge to rinse your face to get rid of any sort of irritation. The richness from the Rosehip Essential Oil gives the skin a boost of antioxidants and vitamins, resulting in radiating skin! The essential oils also help hydrate and moisturize the skin, renewing the skin to the fullest! And as if all of that wasn’t enough, the cherry on top is that these wipes are alcohol and paraben free!


Daily Facial Mini Scrubber by Daily Concepts 

On the note of facial cleansing, this next product most certainly lived up to my expectations. The Mini Facial Scrubber by Daily Concepts is definitely going to be one of my favourite travel companions. I have a horrible habit of over packing beauty/ skincare products while I travel; it’s too hard to choose between what I truly need versus what I just want to take with me. That’s why I truly appreciate when I can find my beauty/ skincare faves in travel size. This little Facial Scrubber will certainly be in my beauty bag because it’s the right size but, don’t be fooled by the size because its highly effective. 

While purchasing, you have the option to choose the intensity of the scrubber between gentle, mild and vigorous (mine is: soft). If your skin is as sensitive as mine is, I recommend choosing the ‘gentle’ intensity scrubber. This Facial Scrubber is designed with pockets to slip your fingers into, making it extremely easy to maneuver all over your face. The innovative micro fibre technology used to create this scrubber is perfect for a gentle everyday wash or for a deep exfoliating wash. And if you’re wondering how long these scrubbers last, the best way to know when you need a new one is once yours has faded. It’s easy peasy, start to finish!

P.S. This product is Cruelty-Free (YAY), clinically tested and hypoallergenic. 

Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream by Avant Skincare 

Eye creams – Gotta LOVE ‘em! I LOVE eye creams! Eye creams are something I’m constantly on the lookout for. I don’t believe that eye creams are strictly meant for older age groups to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Sure, they certainly do those things but, most importantly eye creams are meant to rejuvenate the sensitive skin around your eyes. There are day eye creams and night eye creams; tbh, if you ask me, there is no right time for using eye creams. However, I do suggest you use eye creams right before you head to bed as it gives your skin a generous amount of time to absorb all the goodness and fortify and nourish the skin while you get your beauty sleep. 

This cream by Avant is slightly different than your average eye cream; it can strictly be used as a night eye cream or it can be used as a night face and eye cream! It’s an anti-aging moisturizer, targeting to make your skin look younger and healthier. This cream is infused with a combination of Vitamin B3, Maris Aqua (Sea Water) and Hyaluronic Acid, to significantly reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. The concoction of Vitamin B3, Maris Aqua and Hyaluronic Acid induces oil production, which helps the skin restore moisture, resulting in a much more even skin tone. Rejuvenating your skin to a younger-looking complexion couldn’t be made easier! 

P.S. In my younger years (Yes, I feel a lot older now – LOL) I had no idea that there in fact was a more effective way of cream application. To fully reap the benefits of this beautiful Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream, using your fingertips, gently massage the cream in a circular motion, working upwards from your jaw line to your forehead. (Make sure to carefully wash your hands prior to the application).


Lemon Slice Mask by Kocostar

Face/ Sheet Masks scream “A night of pampering & reruns of your favourite TV show”! There are hundreds of brands when it comes to face/ sheet masks and Kocostar is a new one for me. Masks for me are a real treat because I don’t use them nearly as much as I think I should. When I received the Lemon Slice Mask by Kocostar in my Glossybox, I thought “Hmm…. I haven’t used anything like this before”, and decided to treat myself to a night of pampering whilst enjoying reruns of Sex & The City episodes! 

I think its fair to say that, I’ve never really been drawn to using face/ sheet masks because of the tingling sensation I experience while it’s on my skin. My skin is super super super super sensitive and I can’t emphasize the word ‘super’ enough but that’s really how sensitive my skin is. Therefore, I am extremely skeptical and hesitant to try new products. I constantly find myself delving into hours of research before saying ‘yes’ to giving something new a shot. After reading up on reviews about Kocostar (as a brand) and their products (specifically, the Lemon Slice Mask) I felt confident enough to try it out. And just as the name suggests, the mask has a strong scent of lemon and unlike any other mask, it can be used for any part of your body – from your face to your arms, to your legs. 

The purpose of this mask is to lighten and brighten your skin, resulting in a radiant and even skin tone. All you have to do is cover the targeted body part (i.e. your arms) with a warm towel to dilate your pores, ensuring maximum absorption. After a few minutes remove the warm towel and carefully apply the individual slices of the mask over the targeted body part(s). In about 15-20 minutes you will free the slices dry up and that’s when you know to peel them of. Voila, your skin is fully revamped and ready to take over the world!


Highlighter Palette in ‘Distorted Dreams’ by Sleek Makeup 

Last but not least, something a make-up junkie’s life would be incomplete without – highlighter palettes! This month’s box came with a beautiful palette by Sleek Makeup in ‘Distorted Dreams’. This palette is a combination of two baked powders, and three silky shimmery cream formulas. This highlighter palette is so versatile that, not only can it be used to define the cheekbones and brow bone, but can also be used to illuminate the eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. These incredible holographic shades leave an incredible prismatic shimmery finish – blinding and supernatural!

And remember, the key to using a highlighter palette is remembering that a little goes a longggg way!

P.S. I think that the creamy formulas work best when buffed into the skin. For a luminous glow, try using the creamy formulas on your bare skin before the application of foundation. Works like magic! 

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