Christmas Markets!

I anxiously wait for the Holidays all year long. The thought of picking out the perfect pine tree, decorating it with sparking lights and ornate ornaments, baking the perfect batch of gingerbread men, putting together the cutest gingerbread house, decorating your mantle, stuffing your own stocking with gifts (wink wink), drinking way too much eggnog and cider, listening to Michael Bublé sing Christmas carols back to back, spending hours wrapping gifts, taking pictures of every decorated tree in the city, planning the perfect Christmas Eve dinner, making sure you don’t eat all the Yule Log before the guests arrive, kissing your significant other under mistletoe, ice-skating with your best gals, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, and for the best part, strolling and exploring local Christmas markets!


I’ve lived in Toronto for most of my life, and I know you’ll find this rather difficult to believe, but this was my second year visiting the incredibly gorgeous Christmas market at the Distillery District. Every corner of the district is adorned with fairy lights and the air is filled with the scent of Balsam Fir; two elements that definitely lift my Christmas spirit! I was back at the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District earlier this afternoon and regardless of the cold weather, I managed to have a wonderful time. For those of you who’ve been to the Toronto Christmas Market before, you’d know that it can get extremely crowded and you often end up in long lineups to take the perfect photos.
*Note* If you wish to skip the crowd, get there about 20-30 minutes before the market opens, take all the photos you want, and when the market opens, you can most definitely enjoy it without having to maneuver through the crowd.


For those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit the market yet, do not miss out, I guarantee you will have a wonderful time! There are a variety of stalls, selling all sorts of treats and knick-knacks; from classic Canadian Poutine to Tornado Potatoes, Waffles to Mini Donuts, White Doves to Babushka Dolls, Bath Bombs to Hand-knit Scarves, Handmade Candles to Home-baked Ginger Cookies, and so much more! If you’re still looking for tiny goodies to stuff your stockings with, you will undoubtedly find something for everyone here!


So, if you’re looking to spend a romantic night with your significant other and find unlimited mistletoe to kiss under, or if you’re looking to spend an evening out and about in the city with friends and family, the Toronto Christmas Market is the place to be! Wear those warm mitts, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the Holidays!

Juhi Sharma
Juhi Sharma

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